Nandan Panchal

Regional Head (Canada)

Personal Details

                           Nandan Panchal stands at the forefront of Selkey Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd. in Canada, steering the company’s strategic direction with a visionary approach. As Regional Head, Nandan harnesses his profound expertise in cybersecurity to safeguard digital landscapes across the nation, driving innovation and resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats. Under his leadership, the Canadian division has flourished, setting new benchmarks in cybersecurity solutions and client satisfaction. Nandan’s commitment to excellence and his ability to foster strong, collaborative teams have been instrumental in establishing Selkey Cyber Security as a trusted name in the Canadian market. His leadership not only inspires his team but also instills confidence in clients, ensuring that Selkey Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd. remains synonymous with reliability and cutting-edge protection in the digital age.