Ethereum Smart Contract Audit


Money and crime have always been intertwined. The digital world is no exception. Since the emergence of blockchain technology, digital currency has constantly been under threat. In this context, compromising the security of your Smart Contract, which serves as the initial defense in an ICO, jeopardizes something even more valuable than money – your reputation. Protect yourself from potential embarrassment by getting your Ethereum Smart Contract audited with selkey cyber security.


What is an Ethereum Smart Contract?

An Ethereum Smart Contract is essentially a piece of computer code developed on the blockchain. This contract consists of a set of rules structured in an If-This-Then-That format. When the conditions set by these rules are met by the involved parties, the smart contract is automatically executed without the need for manual intervention.

Ethereum, as defined by Wikipedia, is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system that features smart contract functionality. Once deployed on the Ethereum platform, these smart contracts are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered. Therefore, ensuring the security of these contracts is of paramount importance.




  • The audit process for a smart contract involves a detailed examination, similar to auditing an application’s source code. This process is designed to identify security flaws and vulnerabilities and provide solutions to address them.

Initial Code Examination

Setting Up Tools and Environment

In-Depth Code Analysis:

Initial Functional Assessment

Audit Planning and Setup

Exhaustive Security Evaluation

Detailed Results Documentation

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