Network Security

Introduction to Network Penetration Testing Services

Network Penetration Testing services are designed to uncover and validate vulnerabilities within internal networks, internet-facing applications, and cloud-based IT infrastructure. Selkey cyber security specializes in delivering comprehensive network security services, ensuring adherence to industry-specific regulations. Our services are aimed at bolstering your network's security and aligning with best practices. By partnering with us, your organization can enhance the security and risk management of network devices and servers, effectively keeping potential attackers at bay.



Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

We begin by performing thorough enumeration of host IP addresses and identifying active services. This involves both external penetration testing using OSINT and internal network assessments with tools like Nessus and manual techniques.


Risk Prioritization and Reporting

We assess the risk associated with each identified vulnerability and prioritize them using a risk-rating matrix. This step ensures that the most critical issues are addressed first. Our detailed final report includes prepared exploit scripts and video proof-of-concept demonstrations to recreate and understand the vulnerabilities.


Ensuring Compliance and Best Practices

Selkey cyber security  penetration testing services not only help in meeting industry-specific regulations, such as PCI compliance, but also enhance your organization’s overall security posture. By implementing security best practices and mitigating identified risks, we help keep attackers at bay and secure your network infrastructure.

Sample Report of Network Security 

Assessment Report


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