Source Code Audit


Source Code Audit is a crucial process in software development, aimed at uncovering hidden bugs, security breaches, and vulnerabilities within the source code. Unlike traditional testing methodologies such as black box and grey box testing, which may overlook certain intricacies, a thorough source code audit ensures that no potential issues remain undetected. By meticulously examining the codebase, this audit process identifies vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of the application. Furthermore, the comprehensive nature of a source code audit requires an extended period of testing to thoroughly scrutinize every aspect of the code. In today's digital landscape, where cybersecurity threats are increasingly prevalent, investing time and resources into a thorough source code audit is essential for safeguarding the integrity and security of software systems.


Our Approach to Ransomware Aeadiness Assessment

Our approach to Selkey Cyber Security’s Source Code Audit emphasizes integrating security seamlessly into Agile Methodology, enabling the development of highly secure applications through accurate, exhaustive, and cost-effective code analysis.

In today’s digital landscape, where enterprises face constant threats from malicious attacks, source code analysis emerges as a critical priority. It becomes imperative for organizations to review both internally developed and third-party software rigorously before deployment, ensuring the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.

Selkey Cyber Security’s approach to source code analysis combines extensive market research with predefined security principles to identify security bugs within the source code. These predefined principles assist enterprises in detecting common programming flaws such as anti-patterns, logic errors, memory leaks, and workflow flaws. Additionally, Selkey Cyber Security utilizes Static Application Security Testing (SAST) automated tools to scan application code for vulnerabilities while it is in a static or non-running state. This proactive approach enables developers to remediate issues early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), enhancing the overall security posture of the application.

By integrating security seamlessly into Agile Methodology and leveraging a combination of market research, predefined principles, and automated tools, Selkey Cyber Security ensures that source code analysis is conducted comprehensively and effectively, resulting in the development of highly secure applications.


  • In our methodology, we adhere strictly to your rules to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to identifying technical vulnerabilities.

Initial Planning

Fuzzing Identification

Severity Assessment

Runtime Validation

Detailed Findings

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