Mobile Application penetration testing


Dynamic Analysis Methodology

Adapting to emerging threats by integrating current security standards like ASVS by OWASP, SANS top 25, MITRE | ATT & CK, NVD, OWASP top 10, NIST, and OSSTMM.


Tools for Effective Penetration Testing

Utilizing specialist tools like Burp Suite, Metasploit Pro, Kali Linux, Wireshark, and custom-developed exploits to assess web application security effectively.


Selkey Cyber Security's Dynamic Approach

Employing a dynamic methodology to ensure clients stay ahead in the evolving landscape of technology and threats.


Ethical Hacking Expertise

Combining knowledge of the latest web application security testing tools with deep understanding for effective penetration testing of web applications.

Mobile Application Security Testing


Ensuring mobile app security and privacy is critical, especially with recent bans on apps for data mining and privacy violations. Certbar conducts thorough testing to secure your mobile app, with a special emphasis on API testing, the backbone of most apps. Our manual approach surpasses automated scanners, helping you identify and resolve deep-rooted vulnerabilities.


Strategy & Process

Our strategy combines both Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). Below is an overview of our static analysis process, aimed at identifying vulnerabilities that we meticulously test during the security evaluation:

Scope Determination

Authorization Flaws:

Root & Emulator Circumvention

Data Security

Code Integrity Checks

Cryptography Assessment

Reverse Engineering Defense

Example Reports


Mobile Application Security Report (Android)

Explore our comprehensive security evaluation for Android applications, highlighting vulnerability details and professional advice. Enhance your app’s security with practical examples. Get the report now to secure your mobile app’s future.


Example Reports

Mobile Application Security Report (iOS)

Examine our thorough security assessment for iOS applications, uncovering weaknesses and providing expert guidance. Improve your app’s defense with real-world scenarios. Obtain the report now to enhance your iOS app’s security. 

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