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A normal security program will incorporate vulnerability scans and penetration tests to help measure the effectiveness of their security controls, but oftentimes doing a more detailed review of their key security technology/devices is overlooked. The most important of these security devices/technology is usually the firewall/endpoint security / WAF / AWS / Azure / GCP. A configuration review takes a deeper dive into the configuration of this critical aspect of security, uncovering issues and deficiencies that may not be apparent through traditional security testing.

Configuration Reviews

Securing the “Security Perimeter” of Your Organisation

Firewall is said to be the primary line of defense for an organization’s network infrastructure. But this line of defense has its own set of weaknesses, that, if not addressed could cause havoc in the network environment. A few common weaknesses seen in the security perimeter are stated below, but are not confined to just these:

Misconfigured Firewall Ruleset
One of the most prevalent weaknesses observed in firewalls is the misconfiguration of the Firewall Ruleset. Failure to adhere to industry-standard configurations can inadvertently create pathways for unauthorized access, compromising system security.
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Endpoint Configuration Review
Enterprises heavily rely on endpoints to mitigate a significant portion of the attack surface. However, assessing the security of these endpoints remains a critical challenge. Selkey Cyber Security's Endpoint Security Configuration Review offers a comprehensive solution, enabling organizations to deploy endpoint strategies confidently and effectively safeguard their infrastructure.
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AWS Configuration Review
As organizations transition to the cloud or maintain cloud-based applications, regular modifications to network configurations, user access, and security controls become imperative. Despite robust change management processes, deployment errors and configuration drifts can introduce security vulnerabilities over time. Our AWS Configuration Review aims to identify weaknesses in cloud configurations, ensuring compliance with security standards and mitigating architectural flaws.
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Web App Firewall (WAF)
Web applications, ranging from online banking platforms to customer portals, are constantly exposed to potential attackers due to their accessibility on the internet. Deploying a robust Web Application Firewall (WAF) is essential for defending against various cyber threats, including cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting (XSS), and SQL injection attacks. Our expertly configured WAF provides an initial layer of protection, filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic to safeguard web applications from malicious activities.
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Selkey Cyber Security's Configuration Review Methodology

At Selkey Cyber Security, our Configuration Review methodology offers an in-depth examination of system and technology configurations, providing comprehensive insights to enhance security at the perimeter. With complete access to configurations, we aim to deliver optimal review results, ensuring maximum security. Our approach involves thorough analysis of rulesets and policies across the entire configuration landscape, aligning with industry best practices and standards such as PCI-DSS and CIS benchmarks. We prioritize holistic security, addressing technical, business, and device aspects of the first line of defense. Upon completion of the review process, we furnish a comprehensive report that includes a checklist of missing rule-sets or policies, essential for avoiding misconfigurations exploitable by attackers. Additionally, our report highlights configuration loopholes, accompanied by detailed remediation steps and a comprehensive configuration review checklist tailored to meet specific business needs. By adhering to industry standards and implementing robust security measures, Selkey Cyber Security ensures that your organization's configurations are fortified against potential threats, safeguarding your valuable assets effectively.

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